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Geographical Location of AP:

Four capitals have been made Connect Nowtly of this state. In which Hyderabad is the temporary capital. This state is the second largest state after the western state of Gujarat, which has the highest water limit of 972 km. determines.

In ancient times, different names of this state are found. In which Andhrapath, Andhrades, Andhravani and Andhra etc. are prominent. After getting statehood in 1956, we know it as Andhra Pradesh.

History of AP:

The expansion of Telugu, the language of Andhra Pradesh, was very ancient, for which many ancient inscriptions have been received. Which is a solid proof of the existence of this language. Along with this, a description of the Andhra government is also available.

According to Megasthenes, this kingdom had a huge army. At that time Megasthenes addressed this state as Andhra Desh. According to Megasthenes, the capital of this state must have been the area around Godavari.

According to Emperor Ashoka, this region was a colony. This kingdom was also ruled by Kuberka. The chief state of this state was Dhanyakatakam. Which we know today as Amaravati.

At the time of independence of the country, the Nizam of Hyderabad wished to keep Hyderabad as a separate state. But for a long time, Indian movements got Hyderabad merged with the country.

The people of Hyderabad wanted us to be a part of India but they did not want the Nizam of Hyderabad. Hyderabad was made a state of India in 1948 after a long struggle of polo operation.

After the formation of Hyderabad state, the people there wanted to create a separate state on the basis of language. Which was formed on 1 October 1953. Its capital was made Kurnool.

This state, divided on the basis of language, was named Andhra Pradesh on 1 November 1956. But the people of Telugu language and other languages ​​had a different identity. Due to which Telangana was made a separate state.

There is also a port in Andhra Pradesh, whose name is Visakhapatnam. There is also a naval base in this district.

Language of AP:

The official language of Andhra Pradesh is Telugu. Along with Telugu, Hindi and Urdu are also spoken.

Agriculture Of Andhra Pradesh:

But like other states, they are less dependent on rainfall. And pays more attention towards irrigation. There are many rivers and dams here. Which supplies water to the farmers. The crops grown here are rice, sugarcane, cotton, pepper, mango, tobacco and oil. 15 percent of the export is done from here. Most of the people of this state do agricultural work. Rice is the famous food here, which is most common here.

Culture Of Andhra Pradesh:

Many dances are performed on many occasions in Andhra Pradesh. In which Kuchipudi is the most prominent dance. Along with this, Jayapa Senani is also a very famous dance. Which is done all over South India.

The total population of this state is around 5 crore. In this state, 85 percent Hindu people, followed by 9 percent Muslim and people of other religions reside in this state.

That Lord Buddha stayed here for the initiation. This kingdom was ruled by Ikshvaku dynasty, Pallava, Ananda Gotrika, Vishnukundina, Eastern Chalukya and Chola dynasty. The oldest laguages ​​of this state include Telugu and culture.

Industry of AP:

Andhra Pradesh is the largest reservoir of the country. This state is the most mineral-stored state. Expensive minerals like coal, petroleum and limestone are also found here.

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  • Try to send knowledgable message rather than useless message.
  • Help other group members in any purpose.
  • Try to be always active in Group.

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