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Some About Chhattisgarh:

Chhattisgarh is the southeastern state of India. This state was established on 1 November 2000 and it was declared as the 26th state of India.

This state has been named on the basis of 36 bastions located in it. In ancient times there were 36 forts here. It was named Chhattisgarh from this protest.

In ancient texts, the name ‘Dakshina Kaushal’ is found for the region of this state. This was a very famous area in history. The history of culture is visible in the region of this state. Here the sources of ancient culture are found.

Districts Of Chhattisgarh:

The largest district of Chhattisgarh is Surguja and the smallest is the Durg district. The capital of this state is Raipur.

Culture of Chhattisgrah:

Tribal tribes also reside in this state. Those who speak the Chhattisgarhi language. What about the culture and singing here? Songs here: Bhojli, Devar Geet, Karma, Dadaria, Pandwani, Bharthari Folkgatha, Bamboo Geet, Gaura Gauri Geet, Jas Geet, Sua Geet, Danda, Phag, Chanauni, Raut Geet and Panthi Geet are prominent.

Along with singing some of these songs, dance is also performed. The state of Chhattisgarh has an ancient tradition of sports. Here sport is given the highest importance. Here Khelo is also played along with the song. Fugdi, Langdi Leg, Kabaddi, and Dandi Pauha are the most popular games here.

Many tourists come here for excursions. and experience joy. Some of the sightseeing places here attract visitors to come here.

Among them, are Rajim, Arang, Nawalgarh, Mari Bai Temple, Kailash Cave, Indravati National Park, Bilaspur, Setganga, Tirthgarh, Amarkantak, and Sirpur are the main places of interest here. Where thousands of tourists come every year.

10 Facts About Chhattisgarh:

  • 1. Chhattisgarh state is located in the middle of India, this state was earlier a part of Madhya Pradesh.
  • 2. The day that marks the foundation of this state is observed each year on November 1.
  • 4. The total area of ​​this state is 135192 square kilometers. The Forest area occupies 40 percent of the total area. Chhattisgarh is the third largest state in terms of forests in India.
  • 6. The total population of the state of Chhattisgarh is about 3 crores, which makes this state the 16th largest state of India in terms of population.
  • 7. There is an abundance of forests in this state, and many rivers also flow here. Godavari and Mahanadi are the main rivers.
  • 8. This state has a literacy rate of 70.28%.
  • 9. The number of Vidhan Sabha members in this state is 90 Lok Sabha members, 11 and the number of Rajya Sabha members is 5.
  • 10. The majority of residents in Chhattisgarh state are involved in farming activities. More paddy is produced here. That is why it is also called the rice bowl of India.

Rules For Chhattisgarh WhatsApp Group::

Every Group has its own Rules & Regulations. Here are some rules for Chhattisgarh Whatsapp groups::

  • Spreading Fake News is strictly prohibited.
  • You Can not use this group for your marketing purpose.
  • You must respect all the group members.
  • Try to send knowledgeable messages rather than useless messages.
  • Help other group members for any purpose.
  • Try to always be active in Group.

How To Connect Now a Chhattisgarh WhatsApp Group?

  • Choose a particular Chhattisgarh Whatsapp Group According To Your interest from our post.
  • Click On the Connect Now Button, then you will be redirected to the Whatsapp App or WhatsApp Page.
  • Then Hit the “Connect Now” button.

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  • You can find some new friends from the Chhattisgarh Zone.
  • You will know more about Friendship.
  • You can get some knowledgeable information.
  • You can get the latest news.
  • You can ask for help from your group members in any situation.


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