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Some Facts About Football:

Football is a very desired game played across the majority of the world. It is referred to as football due to the fact that it is played using feet. The size of the field on which football is played is 120 x 80 yards. To keep possession of the ball and shoot the ball through the goalposts is called scoring. The team will get the most no of the goals and will be the winner. The person who defends the goal is referred to as the goalkeeper. Now football is played throughout the year. Earlier this game was played in summer. So we have collected some interesting Football Whatsapp Groups so that you can show your love & loyalty towards your favourite Football Team.

Rules or methods of playing football:

All these regulations are made by the football governing body FIFA. For example, the ball must be placed in the middle of the field first. The game must start as soon as the referee blows the whistle. No one other than the goalkeeper can touch the ball by hand. If this rule is not obeyed, it is a handball and the ball is a free kick toward the opposing team. If someone is kicked or pushed illegally, the referee punishes the player by showing a red or yellow card. If the player receives a red card, he can no longer play. Apart from this, each player is given a jersey number on their uniform to easily identify the players.

Football and India:

Although it is a foreign game, football is a popular game in India. Especially in Bengal, football has a unique relationship. When the World Cup comes, the football frenzy starts all over the country. Bengalis express their love for the team by pulling the flag or wearing the jersey of the supported team. Football came to India at the hands of the English and in 1872 the first “Calcutta Football Club” was founded. India has participated in many competitions including the Olympics and the Asian Cup multiple times. Currently, a premium domestic competition named “Indian Super League” was launched in 2013 to further popularize football in India.

World Football Governing Body (FIFA):

FIFA currently has 209 members. This organization organizes a World Cup football competition every 4 years. The organization also represents the Women’s Football World Cup as well as the Men’s. Every year this organization selects the best footballer of the year and ranks the team.

Benefits of playing football:

Playing football is not only a game, it is also a form of entertainment and physical exercise. Moreover, the game of football has become a hugely profitable business worldwide today. Football clubs in Europe and America are examples of the football trade. Just as the game of football relieves mental fatigue, its thrill-enjoyment makes the mind overflow with joy. The body is always fit as playing football requires a lot of running and hard work.

Rules For Football WhatsApp Group::

Every Group has its own Rules & Regulations. Here are some rules for Football WhatsApp groups::

  • Spreading Fake News is strictly prohibited.
  • This group is not for your marketing purpose.
  • You must respect all the group members.
  • Try to send knowledgeable messages rather than useless messages.
  • Help other group members for any purpose.
  • Try to always be active in Group.

How To Connect Football WhatsApp Group?

  • Choose a particular Football WhatsApp Group According To Your interest from our post.
  • Click On the Connect Now Button, then you will be redirected to the App or Page.
  • Then Hit the “Connect Now” button.

Benefits Of Football WhatsApp Group::

If you are looking to Connect with the Football WhatsApp group, there must be a reason. So what benefits will get after joining Football WhatsApp groups?

  • You will find some new friends from these groups.
  • You will know more about Football.
  • You will get some Football information.
  • You will get the latest Football about Football.
  • You can ask for help from your group members in any situation.


In this post, we are trying to give you some knowledge about Football. If you want more Football WhatsApp Group, then stay stunned. 

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