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In 1715, the first Anglo-Indian girls’ school, St. Mary’s Charity School, was started in Chennai. Poor students belonging to the Protestant denomination started studying together in school. Eighteen of them were men. Twelve were women. In 1821, 654 girls and 4290 boys were educated in the schools belonging to this school group. 

In Tirunelveli, James Hugh established twelve schools in 1816. Three of them were launched for women. The girls’ school started at Nazareth and was the first girls’ high school recognized by the Madras Provincial Government.

In 1827 fifty female students were studying in the school which was started in 1823 at Nagercoil. In 1845, the first indigenous girls’ school was started in Chennai. This school became the forerunner of many girls’ schools later on.

In 1854, Madras State had 256 girls’ schools with 7878 female students. However, they have been denied permission to study after the ceremony. In 1891-92 only two out of 100 out of 3 lakh school girls were allowed to go to high school even after the ceremony. And this education also taught me how to live as a good student, a good mother, and a clean family maintainer.

The government started collecting a lot of data related to education with the aim of making educational reforms. Sir who was the Governor of Madras Province. Thomas Monro collected so much information and submitted a report in 1826. Accordingly, out of a total population of 1,34,76,923, 1,84,110 males and 4,540 females were studying.

At the same time, according to the information collected in Bengal, it is clear that women’s education did not even have a small place in this period.

In 1854, Charles Wood submitted a report on the state of education in India to the government. That is what became famous as Charles Wood des Botches. This report made the government realize that female education more than male education can create amazing changes in society and there was a need to give adequate encouragement to female education.

Based on this report, many girls’ schools were also funded by the government. Voluntary groups and Christian religious workers also established and served girls’ schools in many places.

In 1882, the Indian Education Commission headed by Hunter noted that Madras province was the first in the number of girls studying at that time. The Education Committee said that child marriage is a hindrance to girls’ education and education is stopped at an early age. It also pointed out the lack of female teachers. The Commission has submitted the following recommendations for the advancement of girls’ education.

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